Prizm Data & Consulting

A fast-growing company in Market Research Industry

A fast-growing company in the Market Research industry providing innovative online solutions to global clients with strong skills and technology

PROLOG INSIGHTS ZILLION MARKET PRIVATE LIMITED is an international full-service Market Research company that provides data collection services, project management, and complete insight delivery. We deliver High Data Quality that will inspire you and help you make business decisions with ease. Together with our select industry partners we directly connect with over 12 million respondents in over 35 countries with a focus on Consumers and B2B Decision Makers/Influencer


What We Do

Survey Programming

Data processing

Project Management

Data collection

Media Assessment

Reporting & Analytics


Our Passion

PROLOG INSIGHTS ZILLION MARKET PRIVATE LIMITED are passionate about Quality, Technology & Language. Our deep analytical engine and advanced market research capabilities enable our clients to target their audiences with precision at surprising speed. Since our inception, our sampling and data collection methods have met the highest standards for both our market research industry and corporate clients.

Best in Class Standards in Quality and Execution

Managed by our high performing team, we employ state-of-the-art technologies and industry best practices that deliver high client satisfaction. We currently partner with many of the largest market research firms and corporations globally. Our clients return to us as we are one of the most capable data collection companies in our industry.

Leadership with Deep Domain Experience

Working with us PROLOG INSIGHTS ZILLION MARKET PRIVATE LIMITED gives you comfort that every project will deliver reliable results. Whether we partner on ad-hoc projects or longer-term engagements, you will receive attentive and effective communications, high-quality data, superior feasibility, and increased sample ROI.