Whether you want to assess brand awareness and perception, product improvement, new product development, or competitive positioning, we provide a range of automotive market research solutions designed to help you make the confident business decisions necessary to gain a competitive advantage.


You must take a personal approach to understand the attitudes and buying behaviors of consumers and business decision-makers to stay at the top. We provide access to data from hundreds of thousands of consumers, providing the single source of truth you need to power reality-based insights at speed and scale.


The pharmaceutical industry has seen a massive influx of innovative products, services and new drugs. To better understand emerging trends and focus your investment where it can do the most good, it’s crucial to understand what physicians, healthcare professionals, patients, and competitors are thinking.


We can execute both qualitative and quantitative methodologies to help technology and telecom companies understand their customers, their market, and how their customers experience their products within that market.

Consumer Packed Goods

By testing a new product concept, ad creative, or messaging and improving your understanding of your brand perception and user behavior you can use our consumer packed goods market research solution to gain a significant competitive advantage.

Finance and Banking

The financial and banking industry continues to face unprecedented disruption. New regulations, new products, the changing needs of consumers, and hungry competitors keep even the largest players on their toes. We can help you understand the perfect path to success.

Media and Ad Agencies

Understanding true, unduplicated advertising effectiveness starts with the individual consumer. Our panel-based solution provides data at the individual level allowing you to achieve in-depth analysis to inform media optimization and allocation.

Market Research Agencies

From assessing brand awareness and customer satisfaction to understanding purchase behaviors and opportunities for growth, you can rely on our dependable, comprehensive data solutions to minimize risk and ensure your sample selection is on target.


From understanding emerging trends to discovering value creation opportunities to engaging in private equity due diligence, our superior first-party data from engaged consumers and professionals can give you the confidence your clients need to make major investments and changes.


Gain an unmatched competitive advantage by generating meaningful insights on candidate perception, voter turnout, and key campaign issues. From voter history to hobbies and interests, unlock what makes voters tick.


Our market research teams can connect you with hundreds of thousands of deeply-profiled patients, using detailed targeting information to identify the medical conditions our panel members suffer from to deliver the targeting you need.


The education industry is continuously expanding its wide variety of sectors and streams and also evolving with utilization of technology and digital medium's impeccable service. We can provide helpful research services to every company activating in the education industries

Food and Beverages

The food and beverage industry is of equal importance to all people globally. However, the relative cost of food is not equal. It varies widely due to such factors as location, local food industries and the availability of proper infrastructure. Covering 60+ markets, the data collected on our proprietary panels can help you understand market-specific drivers and restraints, trends, and other industry specific information


Retail organizations face a challenging new business reality. The intense competitive pressure of disruptive digital technologies and rapid shifts in consumer behavior are making it more and more difficult to find new growth. We allow you to leverage our vast quantity of fresh, first-party data to develop rich, actionable insights into consumer attitudes, preferences, and future purchase intentions.

Travel and Leisure

Tourism research allows your company to understand what motivates customers to purchase. Our qualitative research examines customer motivations and preferences, while our quantitative research provides data and measurement on pricing, willingness to pay and behavior.